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17th Century Picture Sources

A source for costumes and clothes from the 17th century

Birth of Ballet
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Taken from: Great Ages of Man: Age of Kings, by Charles Blitzer Time-Life Books:1979

Misc. Costumes

King Louis XIV Pictures
Louis of France and Phillip of Spain
Louis XIV having his son baptized
Louis XIV

A Witch by David Teniers the younger
Hanging of Bridget Bishop (1692)
Examination of a Witch
George Jacob's Trial

A Catalogue of the Ferval Sects and Opinions in England and Other Nations
Military in White
Military Reproduction
Military: Pikeman
Military: Musketeer
Military: Stand Bearer
Military: Infantryman
Jupiter in a Cloud Machine
Moliere (1682)
Charles II of England
Sir Isaac Newton

Long-Tailed Doublet Pattern (1636)
Justaucorps Pattern (1665)
Justaucorps Pattern (1680)
Breeches Pattern (1700)
Justaucorps Pattern (1700)
Dutch Overcoat Pattern
German Jerkin Pattern